Chaiman Message

Chairman Message

I take great pleasure thanking you for looking into the affairs of Penguin International Ltd, its recruitment system, placement and related activities, coordination of skill training being given in the training centers. I do hope you will find a genuine warehouse of information regarding supply of wide categories of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers from Bangladesh to different countries of the world particularly in Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East.

In order to meet the challenge of expanding international exchange on many levels, the Penguin International Ltd has left no stone unturned to achieve a broad spectrum in the employment of manpower and placement activities. Right from 1992 till today, Penguin International Ltd is much closely associated with the development within Singapore, Malaysia and other Middle Eastern countries. We made remarkable contribution towards manpower resources and its utilization.

Now a days employers prefer skilled or semi skilled workers. In 1998 the government of Singapore decided for employment of skilled workers with provision of low levy. So to meet the demand of Singapore, the Penguin has setup two training and testing centers namely Singapore Intemational Training Institute (SITI) and Setsco-SRCI Training and Testing Center (SSRCITTC) which are capable of developing and training skilled labourers suitable for construction engineering and marine industry. These training centres came into being since 1998 and 1999 respectively.