About Us

All the success stories of Penguin International is due to Mr. Mizanur Rahman’s sincere efforts, wide vision and professionalism. He and Penguin International is supplementary to each other. Penguin entered this trade with the spirit and concept of drawing our share of human resource development and job placement worldwide.

The company, being fully aware of modern requirement of this service in the face of international competition, has organised itself with adequate infrastructural facilities to meet such requirements. The company is very well organised and properly oriented in manpower export. Facilities have been very carefully built up and consolidated for mobilisation and selection of required manpower of different categories of trades, within the shortest possible time and at minimum cost.

Many countries are exporting their manpower to raise national productivity and earn foreign exchange through their employment. With its teeming population and vast human resources, otherwise significantly resource constrained, manpower export assumed special significance to Bangladesh for providing employment opportunities to its people to earn foreign exchange for the development of the country. Bangladesh is rich in human resources, having vast stock of exportable surplus of professionals, technologists, skilled, semi-skilled & un-skilled persons.

Now a day, export of manpower has become competitive worldwide. To make significant stride in this service, it now calls for study and planning, proper training and export manpower to meet requirements for potential employers. Upon considereding this, Penguin International Limited having a capable and dependable team is ready to serve and satisfy our all potential clients. Penguin management and staff are fully equipped with their well experienced team to select, train, test and mobalization of workers. Penguin International has gained image and reputation to our clinets worldwide. We are one of the leading authorised manpower exporter. So far we have exported more than 33,000 workers and professionals.